What We Do

MSQC is a true collaboration. Our members provide the data and share their ideas. MSQC hosts our robust regional registry to analyze the issues, identify the best practices, and disseminate them widely. Our independence and regional focus give us the flexibility to respond quickly to your cost and quality issues as they arise.

  • Independence—MSQC has the flexibility to focus on the regional quality issues that concern our membership most to benefit our patients. Together we ACCELERATE action that will improve care.
  • Value to surgeons—Surgeons drive quality improvement. The MSQC is a forum to network with other surgeons and explore opportunities to improve processes of care for surgical patients at their organization. We work to LEVERAGE the contribution from surgeons for this work. In addition, the American Board of Surgeons has recognized the Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative as one of the “acceptable programs for practice assessment” necessary for Maintenance of Certification.
  • Multidisciplinary—We welcome surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, quality experts, surgical technologists, administrators, and everyone else involved in providing sustainable, high-quality care. We ENGAGE all of our members for their ideas and input to improve.
  • Inclusive—The MSQC membership range from small community hospital practices to the largest research and teaching hospitals statewide. Each site has ACCESS to its data to POWER improvement.
  • Secure data platform—Fast, flexible, powerful, and HITECH compliant to DISCOVER and refine ACTION our members use to improve care.
  • Best practices—We IDENTIFY specific practices that improve outcomes and save money, supported by real-world evidence.

MSQC participating hospitals enjoy many benefits that include:

  • Best Practices—The MSQC regular meetings include presentations by recognized surgical leaders who explain the big picture and its implications for your practice. This provides all members with an important opportunity to engage with peers from across Michigan in efforts to identify, disseminate and implement cutting-edge best surgical practices.
  • Data Analysis—The MSQC hosts, maintains, analyzes the data for you and we report our findings to our participating sites. The Coordinating Center provides onsite training and assistance to make sure the Surgical Clinical Quality Reviewer feel comfortable with our platform.
  • Ongoing Training—Education, Certification, Inter-rater Reliability with onsite training and support are available to all of our member hospitals and their surgical clinical quality reviewers. Regular conference calls and Webinars inform and support the process and people who do this work.
  • Outstanding Service—The MSQC is administered by a coordinating center that is customer-focused to provide outstanding service. We will work with you to maximize the benefits of membership.